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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Dubai

We specialize in all your residential and commercial Floor Tile and Grout cleaning needs!

Tiles and grout give a beautiful custom look to your Dubai home, but you need to invest in periodic tile and grout cleaning followed by a professional grout sealing to keep them looking their best.

Over time, tile and grout can pick up stains from spills or tracked in dirt. In moist areas such as kitchens and baths, tile and grout can begin to mildew or grow mold because of trapped moisture. This condition is unsanitary, unhealthy—and unsightly. You don’t want dirt, mold and mildew to ruin the beauty of your tile, so contact Shine Floor Cleaning Services when its time for tile cleaning in Dubai or grout cleaning in Dubai.

Most ceramic and porcelain tiles have a glaze applied during the manufacturing process to protect them from damage. Tile hardness, measured in grades from one to five, signifies the resistance to surface scratching and visible signs of wear. Tile is an extremely durable flooring material. However, all tile, including tile designed for commercial installation, can eventually erode from wear. The tile might also chip or scratch from impact. In either case, the damage leaves your tile susceptible to stains.

Grouts made from cement are porous. If they haven’t been properly sealed, they can absorb water or spilled fluids, leading to discoloration, stains or the growth of mildew. Other grouts are made of silicon and these grouts do not absorb water so they do not stain as easily. All grouts tend to trap minute particles of dust and dirt along the edges of the tile, which can leave the floor or wall looking grungy even right after home cleaning.

Professional tile cleaning and grout cleaning leave your tiles clean, sanitary and looking almost like new again.

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Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

  • For tile and grout cleaning, we start with a thorough inspection to identify stains or problems areas.
  • Next, we apply a cleaning solution designed for your tile, whether ceramic or porcelain or natural.
  • We then scrub the tile using floor machine along with non-toxic chemical usage (Specialized Chemical for Tiles as well as Grouting).
  • While Scrubbing the floor, we will make sure if the floor is cleaned or need to scrub more; At corners, we will be using manual brush and chemical to clean (Floor Scrubbing).
  • Once the floor is clean, we use a high suction vacuum to remove the dirt and loosened debris. We make sure that there is no water under the tiles or lingering in the grout (Floor Vacuuming).
  • Your tile and grout will dry quickly since so little moisture remains after the vacuum process. You can enjoy your beautiful, sparkling clean floors right away.
  • Once the floor is vacuumed, we will apply disinfection floor mopping for fresh fragrance with anti-bacterial floor chemical.
  • We also offer optional grout sealing services to help prevent dirt buildup in your grout. Grout sealing helps keep your grout cleaner and the color stays true longer. Grout sealing is especially necessary if your grout is a light color.

Don’t wait to call our expert floor cleaners for fast, effective tile cleaning, grout cleaning and grout cleaning services.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Dirt and contaminants build up over time, making your tiles and grout lose their luster and shine. Our professional deep cleaning tile and grout service will clean, disinfect and provide nearly flawless results which cannot be achieved with every day scrubbing, mopping, or spot cleaning. After cleaning, we seal grout lines to protect from staining and make every day cleaning easier.

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Your tile and grout can be as clean as when it was new–maybe even cleaner.

As tile and natural stone have gained in popularity, so have the cleaning challenges. Soil is absorbed into the grout and settles into the pores of the hard surface.

Harsh cleaners, though improving the appearance initially, can strip away sealants and even open up the tile or stone. This allows the dirt, grease, and soil to penetrate deeper into the surface. Mopping becomes less and less effective as the grout attracts soil and discolors.

Shine Floor Cleaning Services offers a convenient, no hassle alternative to hours of hands and knees scrubbing with a toothbrush. Our powerful hard surface cleaning system will safely remove built up dirt and grime and make your tile and grout surfaces sparkle again, saving you valuable time and money.

  • Our unique non-toxic cleansing agents include NO harsh acids, strippers, or smelly chemicals.
  • The face of your tile and color of your grout lines will be restored to their original appearance.

For more information & quotation, call us at 055 869 0179 (or) 055 789 2629