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Wall Painting Services in Dubai

(For Move In, Move Out & Commercial Painting Services by Expert Painters)

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House painting is a job we usually reserve for a weekend. But when all the steps and tools necessary start to add up, painting your house can become overwhelming. Here is a brief overview of what painting looks like with Shine Painting Services Dubai.

  • Select Your Paint Color: Choosing your paint color may be more difficult than you expect. With seemingly endless options and all the different shades of white, how do you start? Visit Color Catalogues page to select the color you prefer to paint.
  • Cover the area: We don’t want dust or paint getting where it doesn’t need to be. Our house painters’ first step is to lay drop cloths and plastic over the floors and furniture in the space we are painting.
  • Prep the Walls: Since a smooth wall surface makes for better paint adhesion, our house painters will then prep the surfaces before painting.
  • Apply new paint: Our expert house painters will next apply your quality paint. The time of this step depends on the surface and the paint, but our painters will make sure to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Clean-Up: We want to make sure your house looks like new and that includes our house painters cleaning up after our paint job.



We are a nationally recognized brand that works with house painters who will meet our high standards of project execution and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


We are a reliable resource for all things house painting and wall coverings. Shine Painting Services has revolutionized quoting with new technology, perfected project management and execution, and continues to remain fluent in industry trends.


Our house painting customers are provided a central point of contact in their Project Manager, making your projects run efficiently. We’re regularly available to communicate with customers throughout their project journey.

————— Why —————

Having a house painter add a new coat of paint is the easiest way to transform your home’s interior. Whether you need your whole house painted or just want to freshen up the living room, Shine interior house painting services are equipped for all of your painting needs.

————— How —————

The professional house painters offered on our platform have years of experience painting houses and other residential interior spaces, like apartments. Get a free and instant house painting quote by simply telling us a little bit about your house painting project and we can get started in as few as 24-48 hours.

For more information & quotation, call us at 055 869 0179 (or) 055 789 2629